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The next Segundo reunion will be held at the Edgewater Hotel in Laughlin, NV 4/6-11/2014.

9/1/13 I was informed that Anselmo Pablo Sr. died 8/14/13. He was a SD2(SS) aboard the USS Segundo in 1971. I posted his obit on our BBS. Sailor, rest your oar

9/9/13 I was informed that Arthur Kneuer died 9/8/13. He was a TM1(SS) aboard the USS Segundo in 1949-51 and 1953-54. Sailor, rest your oar

10/7/13 Ken Owen informed me that Charlie Marin died 10/6/13. He was a SR aboard the USS Segundo 10/49-11/49. Sailor, rest your oar.

10/20/13 I was informed that Joseph Collins Smith died 10/16/13. He was Executive Officer of the USS Segundo in 1962-63. I posted his obit on our BBS. Sailor, rest your oar

11/20/13 Dave Bridge was a QM3(SS) aboard 1956-58 and recently found our website. He sent then and now photos which I posted on our BBS.

12 15/13 I was informed that Donna Davenport, Denny (Skidrow) Davenport's wife died 12/14/13. I posted the info on our BBS. May she rest in peace.

1/14/14 I was informed that Frank C. Boseman died 1/14/14 He was an FN(SS) a plankowner that made the first 2 War Patrols aboard 1944-45. Sailor, rest your oar.

2/2/14 I was informed that William Isbell died 1/28/14. He was a EM2(SS) aboard the USS Segundo in 1946-47. Sailor, rest your oar

2/13/14 I was informed that John Fitch died 2/1/14 He was an LtJG on the USS Segundo 1958-59. I posted his obit on our BBS. Sailor, rest your oar.



Welcome Aboard the website for the USS Segundo
This web site is dedicated to the USS SEGUNDO, (SS398), a diesel submarine which served in the US Navy 1944-70 and to the crew that manned her. The legacy of the crew began in 1775 with the birth of our Navy and stretches to today. The leadership of the Officers, Chiefs and petty officers was an example to thousands of young men and I was lucky enough to be one of them.

The work was hard, the food was good and there was extra pay for “hazardous duty”. Mostly there was the close bond we felt with our shipmates and the pride we felt when we had achieved that coveted status - Qualified in Submarines and were allowed to wear silver dolphins. We had fun in exotic ports and found something bigger that ourselves to believe in, We knew we were on the best boat, in the best squadron, in the best ocean and without a doubt the best navy in the world.

I served from 1957-59 and was an EN3(SS) when I left the SEGUNDO, but the Segundo has never completely left me. I have attended reunions and renewed friendships with men I served with 47 years ago as well as with others who served at other times. Memories flood back and the smell of submarine, a mixture of diesel fuel, sanitary tanks, smoke and unwashed bodies, returns. We laugh at the sea stories, remember absent shipmates and the fun we had when we were all “steely eyed killers of the deep”.

The idea for creating this site came from a question that a shipmate of mine, Danny Graham asked at our 2004 Segundo reunion in Laughlin, NV. "Why don't we have a web site?". I thought about that question and figured out that the answer was that no one had the time, interest and knowledge to take this task on. Since I'm now retired, I have plenty of time. I am interested, but knew nothing about setting up a web site. Ray Krause is a web designer in Milwaukee, WI who gave me encouragement, had patience with my ignorance, and gave generously of his time.

So Danny, The answer to your question is ...we do.


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